Don Rintoul

Don Rintoul

I am 39 years old and originally come from Lanarkshire. I now live in South Gloucestershire with my wife, son and daughter. We share our space with several amphibians. After much negotiation they took the pond and we got the house. I write because otherwise I struggle to think. My main focus is fiction, short and long. The word-cake I gravitate to is young adult fiction, with some fantasy fruit and nuts added into the bake. I also enjoy writing short fiction for adults. I have a blog for my flash fiction,, and another for mindfulness and stuff,


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When did you start writing?

1984 Hamilton, Lanarkshire.

What do you love about Short Stories?

Pocket sized epics. A flexible format that allows experimentation and is sympathetic to a sustained, intensive vibe. I wish I knew what that meant.

Do you write in other forms?

I sometime write as a six-limbed duck-ape but shape changing tires me.

What distracts you from writing?

Reading, employment.

Outside of writing, what are your other passions?

Family, nature, yoga, rambling, swimming

What is your favourite book?

The Woodlanders (Thomas Hardy)

Who are your favourite writers?

Thomas Hardy, Phillip K Dick and Chris Priestley

Where is your dream location?

My bedroom, although I sometimes dream on public transport as well

What one item would you put into Room 101?

Arrogance and overcooked pasta (technically one item if you squeeze them together)

Do you have any advice for new writers?

Don't spend too much time reading the rules

ebooks by Don Rintoul:

Sadie and the Lost Treasure
Don Rintoul
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Sadie is on holiday on the Island of Oriskay with her grandparents. She desperately wants adventure. When she meets a boy called Dorset, together they stumble upon a secret message in an ancient burial chamber. Then, adventure comes Sadie's way. The burial chamber leads to runes and the runes lead to bad guys and the bad guys lead to...well, you can read it to find out if you like. Sadie and the Lost Treasure was inspired by the landscape and heritage of the Orkney Isles, off the north coast of Scotland. The story is intended for readers aged 9-12 but readers older than that may like it too.
Don Rintoul
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Will felt like he was getting closer to understanding what they meant, in a way. He would sit on the grass and look up, watching, listening and letting their truth come to him. If he forced it too much, it would not be the truth. That mattered.
From a Mouse
Don Rintoul
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If there is ever an anthology called, "Forgotten Animal Voices Through History" then this story will narrowly miss the cut. Robert Burns gave an empathic, if presumptuous, perspective; time to hear from the mouse himself.
Friday Night, Club West
Don Rintoul
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Ditch is a soldier-turned-club owner. His spoken word venue is the place to go in F23. The law don't like it. Ditch doesn't care. Spoken word will prevail.

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