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Adventure stories deal with the chief protagonist leaving the comfort and safety of their normal life and having to face a series of challenges and events that often involve facing and conquering danger. Another variation of adventure story follows a character who already lives in this dangerous world and naturally belongs there. These books are often fast paced and action-oriented. The adventures can take place in the hero’s own homeland but frequently involve the main character having to travel to an exotic and mysterious country. Our adventure ebooks may be aimed at either adults or children and can also include elements of other sub-genres such as Crime, War and Pulp among others.

Sadie and the Lost Treasure
Don Rintoul
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Sadie is on holiday on the Island of Oriskay with her grandparents. She desperately wants adventure. When she meets a boy called Dorset, together they stumble upon a secret message in an ancient burial chamber. Then, adventure comes Sadie's way. The burial chamber leads to runes and the runes lead to bad guys and the bad guys lead to...well, you can read it to find out if you like. Sadie and the Lost Treasure was inspired by the landscape and heritage of the Orkney Isles, off the north coast of Scotland. The story is intended for readers aged 9-12 but readers older than that may like it too.
The Real Me
F. Linday
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This is a new adult story about a student called Nicky. She juggles caring responsibility challenges alongside attempting to have a social life.
A Fit Punishment
Marvin Douglas
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A victim of an attempted gang rape wreaks an appropriate revenge.



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