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The term adult-themed is used as a general flag which we apply to stories of any genre which contain themes or sections of text which may be considered as only appropriate for mature readers. We suggest that you click on any ebooks which carry this tag in order to see their primary genre before you decide to buy.

Tracey Emerson
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Grace sees him for the first time on a Sunday afternoon at the Seaview Residential Care Home. He is wrestling a magazine from a shrivelled, silver-haired woman in the TV lounge.
Easy Meat
Hazel Ward
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"Mac spots her straight away. She stands inside the door for a while as if trying to make up her mind whether to brave the journey to the bar..." A sinister man gets more than he bargains for when he makes a move on a young woman in a bar.
Medium High Gusset
Kath McKay
£1.29 Added
The first time Leila was about to have sex with Norman he asked her if she would do something for him. Here we go, she thought, preparing for whips or wanting her to p**s on him. Men were so predictable. ‘Put your swimming costume on,’ he said. The costume was damp and smelt of chlorine. A Nike black all in one, medium high gusset, sports back, neoprene no nonsense number, it chafed her vagina. Hard making love in such a thing. But it seemed to do the trick for Norman. He became quite red in the face. At the last minute she unrolled it, as if it was an especially tight condom. That episode should have warned her.
Cherry Potts
£1.29 Added
Hell hath no fury like a mountain underestimated, and on one bleak spring day just about everyone underestimates the Old Woman, with disasterous consequences.
Loving Imogen
Mari Biella
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When Daniel finds two runaways hiding in his cellar, he is charmed by their youth and innocence. As he soon learns, however, Imogen and Leo are hiding a dark secret. LOVING IMOGEN is a novella of approximately 32,000 words.
Cherry Potts
£1.29 Added
Jael tells what really happened when her husband Heber's old mate Sisera dropped in. Not quite what you read in the Song of Deborah.
A Rat's Tale
G Mills
£1.29 Added
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Doctor Dominic du Mortier and I am a hundred and sixty one years old. No no, stay where you are please. It’s not that I’m unwilling to shake your hand, please don’t think that. It’s really more a case of my being unable. Permit me to explain. I am beyond reach. And behind glass. And a rodent. Nothing special you understand – just a Rattus norvegicus, or a common brown rat to you. Oh yes, and dead. Did I mention that?
Find The Lady
Ian Cassidy
£0.99 Added
A small time shop keeper brings his crooked ways to a provincial town, introducing his customers to boozing gambling and sex.
The Shadows
J A Pritchard
£1.29 Added
A macabre and dark psychological thriller, ‘The Shadows’ tells the story of Jack, a young and disturbed mobster, living in a hellish world where he is fighting to find answers, fighting to find out what happened in a past that he dare not speak of. With rivals wanting him dead, and his grip on reality ever weakening, Jack must seek to save his life and save his mind before he descends into madness or is buried in his grave. “This is not a normal time, and this is not a normal place . . .”
Soul Kill
Sylvia Petter
£1.29 Added
A young woman’s way in and out of a brothel. (This story contains adult themes and explicit sexual references.)
It's All in the Nose
Sylvia Petter
£1.29 Added
How a nosey GP finds his satisfaction for a happy ever after. (This story contains explicit sexual references.)
Mangrove on Wenceslas Square
Sylvia Petter
£1.29 Added
Passion in a time of revolution. (This story contains sexually explicit references.)
Adult Entertainment
A D Muir
£1.29 Added
‘Share a woman with me…’ Philip’s tongue touches the tip of his wife’s ear as he whispers his request through whisky-scented breath.
A Fit Punishment
Marvin Douglas
£1.99 Added
A victim of an attempted gang rape wreaks an appropriate revenge.
Simon's Body
Alyson Morris
£3.99 Added
Did Jo really kill Simon?




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