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Our black comedy genre includes stories which make light of subject matter usually considered taboo. They take topics and situations commonly held as serious, morbid, grotesque or calamitous, and explore them in a comical way. In some cases they satirically express the absurdity, insensitivity and cruelty of the modern world, or the futility of life. Black comedy stories, sometimes known as dark comedy, may cause you to laugh and feel uncomfortable at the same time.

The Dollar
Tim Kelly
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One dollar! It is an insult. I won’t pay, I tell you, I won’t...
Countdown and Other Horror Stories
Steve Wilson
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A date from hell; a camping trip with freshly-caught meat on the menu; a Spanish lesson concerning the futility of life; an alcohol-fuelled dream or was it reality?; a secret assignation at a graveyard; the nosy neighbour who found more than he expected; the hair of the dog that wasn't a cure; the effects of the moon on a near-empty beach; exploring an alien landscape - a new collection of nine stories with a theme of horror running through them.
Tracey Emerson
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At eight a.m., on the morning of the last day of her life, Alice Calder stood shivering in the outdoor pool of the Madeira Heights Hotel.
Separate Windows
David G Allen
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She threw the washing up bowl into the sink. ‘Why don’t you sit down and have a drink,’ I said. ‘I can do that later,’ I said. ‘Don’t bother,’ she said. She slammed the cupboard door. ‘You’re going to be like this all evening, aren’t you,’ I said. ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ she said. She’s having an affair. He knows. The neighbour arrives. She knows nothing. Happy anniversary.
Gillian Best
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Charlie Carbunckle, an obsessive pigeon fancier, suffers the loss of one of his birds and the blame falls at the feet of his son Seamus.
Happy Valentine's Day, Darling!
R. G. Tooth
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Poor Keith, nothing was too good for his special valentine.
A Feast of Flash Fictions
Brindley Hallam Dennis
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Ten Flash Fictions, from 449, to 96 words short...illicit affairs and railroad crashes, murderous spouses and vengeful neighbours.
Wrong Again, Karen
Albert Woods
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"But I've not done Indian," I told Karen. And besides, the boys are not from India." "It's all the same to them," she said, her cheeky blue eyes sparkling with self-confidence. "Just whip up something hot. They'll love it."
A Rat's Tale
G Mills
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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Doctor Dominic du Mortier and I am a hundred and sixty one years old. No no, stay where you are please. It’s not that I’m unwilling to shake your hand, please don’t think that. It’s really more a case of my being unable. Permit me to explain. I am beyond reach. And behind glass. And a rodent. Nothing special you understand – just a Rattus norvegicus, or a common brown rat to you. Oh yes, and dead. Did I mention that?
Akeem Balogun
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‘My mother, Bessie, had been caring for my dad ever since old age had rendered him slightly incapable, so I had to look for her when she went missing . . .'
Berkin's Paintings
Evelina Anissimova
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A pathologically guilty nature painter is forcibly enrolled in the Portrait Painter of the Year Awards by his uncle Rosenberg - and wins.
The Waiting Room
Helen Stockton
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If you've ever sat in a doctor's waiting room, wondering how long you are going to have to wait and what you're going to catch whilst you're waiting, then this is the story for you...
Goffin's Coffin
Albert Woods
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Ha ha... tee hee... we chortled with glee As we buried the pinchfist Goffin None of us ever liked him much Which was why we bought him a coffin Spot of black comedy here
Helen Pizzey
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The manically-depressed iceberg has few friends among the polar bears at the North Atlantic Bar.
Crisis Meeting in Hell
Jonathan Macho
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Seven days into the end of the world, there was a crisis meeting in Hell. This was a rare occurrence. A crisis meeting implies of course that a crisis had taken place, and needs to be resolved in some way. The usual reaction to a crisis in the seven circles was a street party.
The Fate of Dogs
Tess Hudson
£1.59 Added
A French toilet, a jealous husband and two dogs




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