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Our historical fiction genre comprises fictional stories based on, or connected with events or people from history. Historical fiction books typically pay close attention to detail in the description of the setting, while characters, settings and/or plot events may be real or imaginary. CUT’s historical fiction ebooks encompass a wide variety of subjects and settings including: a nineteenth century colliery in County Durham, England; the 1780’s Continental Army in New York state, USA; and an attempt by King Louis to take control of Jersey in the Channel Islands.

The Hand of Providence
David Churchill Barrow
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Continental Army New Windsor Cantonment, Newburgh, New York: Mutiny in the air. "By the winter of 1782-83, tension had reached a dangerous level. The future of the Republic was in doubt." U.S. Army Field Manual 1, Chapter 1.
Coal Is Our Life
Terence D Forster
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Danger, drudgery; male solidarity and female oppression summed up life in the colliery villages in County Durham during much of the nineteenth century.
Annette Liron
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A last ditch attempt by King Louis to defeat the British and take control of Jersey. A fictional tale of the invasion, organised and led by a notorious mercenary and the bravery of a fouteen-year-old boy.
Reclaim the Night
Barbara Hawthorne
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This story is about the women's marches in the 1970's.
Kathleen Jones
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Aine is a wet nurse on a big estate in 19th century Ireland and her life is in danger unless she can escape. But how can she leave the child? And where is she to get the money to go to America.


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