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The Gothic genre encompasses the genre Gothic horror. Gothic stories are fictional and typically a combination of Romanticism and horror. Dracula and Frankenstein are famous examples of the genre. Gothic horror ebooks from CUT focus on producing a pleasant sense of fear. A Gothic story often concerns a mystery or supernatural events. The dark atmosphere of Gothic fiction is one of its key elements as the tale often plays out in a dark castle, or in bad weather, including events which lead to high emotion.

The Red Dress
Cherry Potts
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'Granny taught me how to be, and I am.' A daughter's loyalty to her family is tested.
The Shadows
J A Pritchard
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A macabre and dark psychological thriller, ‘The Shadows’ tells the story of Jack, a young and disturbed mobster, living in a hellish world where he is fighting to find answers, fighting to find out what happened in a past that he dare not speak of. With rivals wanting him dead, and his grip on reality ever weakening, Jack must seek to save his life and save his mind before he descends into madness or is buried in his grave. “This is not a normal time, and this is not a normal place . . .”
Shadow's Keep
Helen Stockton
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Amber didn't like the house. The frontage faced north and two large conifers cast a sterile shadow. The beams were faded, the chimneys pointed to the sky like accusing fingers, and the roofing oppressed the aged dormer windows that sat in their rimless sockets gazing out a shadowed world through leaded frames. Yet she'd never really had a particular reason to dislike it, until that is she saw the woman with the baby at the window and heard its feeble, sickly cry.
Vicious Circle
Phil Emery
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The darker side of creative writing circles...




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