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Supernatural fiction is a sub-genre of horror fiction and focuses on phenomena or events that cannot be explained by science. These phenomena often result in uncontrollable danger and the threat of death coming from a dark force beyond human understanding. Supernatural books from CUT can be vampire stories, werewolf stories, monster stories and ghost stories, among others.

Pricks of Conscience
Phil Emery
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The partition doors. The other side scored with a frenzy of deep, narrow lines. Like the scratches of lunatic hypodermics. The message. That insane message.
Countdown and Other Horror Stories
Steve Wilson
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A date from hell; a camping trip with freshly-caught meat on the menu; a Spanish lesson concerning the futility of life; an alcohol-fuelled dream or was it reality?; a secret assignation at a graveyard; the nosy neighbour who found more than he expected; the hair of the dog that wasn't a cure; the effects of the moon on a near-empty beach; exploring an alien landscape - a new collection of nine stories with a theme of horror running through them.
Bubble Juggler
Maria Herring
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“There is always fear,” he said in a voice that ripped her soul, “and you should always fear it.” Inspired by the haunting artwork of Andrew Kinsman.
The Wandering Woman
David Collinson
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The spray of the sea brushed his face like the soft caressing fingertips of a beautiful woman. His ship, the Red Shadow, was making good time as it cut through the sea’s waves, sending up small geysers of salty water. The open sea, a brilliant cascade of sparkling azure gems, lay before him and a healthy gust of wind was filling his sails.
Danny Mac Cullough
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Ted Woods awoke, perspiration pouring from his brow. He quickly looked around the bedroom, nothing had changed. The room was as it was before he went to sleep the previous night. It was seven in the morning, too early to get up, so he turned over and went back to sleep. It was then his nightmare began....
The Curse Of The Theatre Royal
R. G. Tooth
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Have you ever attended one of those popular ghost hunting events? You might think twice after reading this little tale of paranormal retribution, especially if you are a councillor.
The Landlord
A D Muir
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The Landlord takes a special interest in the new tenant of a Highland croft
Brenda Ray
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It's hard to describe what it was that made Grandma's house so spooky, but as long as I could remember, something permeated the house with a sense of unease. It was not until I was ten that I heard about Esme...
Celia and Alice
Brenda Ray
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Two women pass on a bridge in a deserted winter sea-side town. One of them receives a strange phone call from the other, relating to her absent husband. But who is real and who is not?
Changing Lines
Beryl P. Brown
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A quest which becomes an obsession alters a humdrum life for ever.




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